1976 Porsche 914:

These little 914's are gaining in popularity. In the past they have not been given the same respect as other models such as the 911's or 356's. After the restoration on this one I hope that will change because it truly is a great car! This one came to use with welding and some patch fabrication done. We picked up from there beginning our outer body and jam restoration by completely striping the layers of old paint and prior repair materials. Reworking and straightening the outer body to perfection. The front and rear trunk compartments are completely refinished. The engine and drivetrain stayed in and the underbody was left original. Being a European car we found  that the BASF Glasurit paint line had the best version of the original orange. the Glasurit Clear gave it that European finish. We installed the black accent stripes, refinished the targa top in correct matte black . Installed the black vinyl to the targa top roll bar. The color combination is stunning. 

The interior was in excellent original condition. We installed a new carpet and added a layer of heat and sound deadening insulation to the floors and panel behind the seats to keep the engine heat out of the passenger compartment. 

This is a local NH car so we are looking forward to seeing it out and about with Squeegee the Jack Russel riding shotgun. Let's just hope that the owner's don't leave him with the keys again (that's another story for another day).